4 Tips On Getting A Rental Air Compressor

Posted on: 10 May 2016

An air compressor is a piece of construction equipment that allows you to power plenty of tools while on the go. Some examples of equipment that are powered with air compressors include sand blasters, nail guns, and paint tools. With this in mind, make sure that you consider these guidelines below and take advantage of them in order to remain powered up while on a construction site. 

Tip #1: Consider A Few Maintenance Steps For Your Rented Air Compressor

When looking to get a rented air compressor, you will need to consider some maintenance tips that will keep your equipment viable. For instance, keep the circuits grounded so that you won't have to worry about overtaxing the system. You should also continuously adjust the pressure settings so that the machine works as needed. Further, keep the machinery properly lubricated so that it does not overheat.

Tip #2: Select The Best Air Compressor For Your Needs

When shopping for a rental air compressor, you will need to select the best model, size, and type for your needs. You should only rent a unit that will suit you for the job at hand, as opposed to renting an air compressor that is bigger than what you need. You should also be mindful of the use of the air compressor, not allowing it to run for too long. 

Tip #3: Audit Your Air Compressor Energy Use

You should always remain mindful of the amount of energy that you expend when using a rented air compressor. This is critical because, according to the United States Department of Energy, more than half of the energy expended by an air compressor is wasted. You can cut out 42 percent of these energy risks by pinpointing and cutting out leaks. Inspect the air compressor thoroughly to make sure it is always in the best shape for being diligent with energy use. 

Tip #4: Ask The Right Question When Seeking Your Rental

As you look to rent an air compressor, you should first and foremost ask the company about their maintenance schedule, to be sure that they always do their best to keep it up to par. You should also get all of the rental fees in writing and ensure that you are fully aware of their billing policies ahead of time. Doing this will make it so that you always get the most out of your rentals. 

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