Why Switch To Using A Lubricant With Additives?

Posted on: 4 May 2023

While you can use standard lubricating oils in your industrial machines, you can also buy lubricants with additives. These products add other substances to lubricating oil. They have some advantages over regular products. What are they?

Get Lubricants With a Longer Life

Machine lubricants don't last forever. You will have to change them periodically. For example, lubricants can get dirty or contaminated by machine parts or other substances. You have to change your oil when its performance is affected.

While lubricants might not cost that much in relative terms, you can spend a lot on these products if you use them on multiple machines. You can reduce these costs by buying lubricants with additives that extend the oil's life.

For example, if a machine slowly contaminates its oils by adding oxidants to them, then you can buy a lubricant with an antioxidant additive. This additive slows down the deterioration of the lubricant by preventing oxidization contamination.

Your lubricant will last longer and won't need replacing as often. Your costs will go down.

Add Customized Protection to Your Machines

Lubricants are meant to help machines run smoothly and safely. They create a protective layer between moving parts to prevent friction and stress damage. However, lubricants can't always give effective protection in all circumstances.

For example, if a machine deals with high loads at low pressures, then its parts are more prone to wear and damage. Regular oils might not stick to parts effectively. They can't always give full coverage.

Or, if a machine's parts work in conditions that cause corrosion and rust, then they might start to degrade. A regular lubricant keeps things moving in the machine but it can't do anything about corrosion problems. In fact, it might carry rust particles to other parts of the machine where they can do some damage.

In either case, the machine's parts might wear or break more easily if they don't have enough protection against damage. You'll have to make more repairs and buy more new parts.

If you have wear problems, then a lubricant with an anti-wear additive helps. The additive creates a chemical reaction with metal parts that makes the lubricant create a stronger adhesive film. Or, you can add an anti-corrosion additive to deal with internal rust. This additive prevents corrosion-forming moisture from settling on internal metal parts.

To find the mix you need for your machines, contact an industrial lubricant manufacturer