A Guide To Three Parking Barrier Options

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Safety and security in your parking lot is of utmost importance because you need to make sure the staff, visiting clients and vendors, and the general public is not put into danger while still giving your employees room to work. For this reason you may need to limit access to parking areas or even paved areas around your building. This is when parking barriers come in handy. The following guide can help you determine the best type of barriers to invest in for your specific needs.

Option #1: Swing Arms

This is the least expensive and simplest option. These consist of a simple arm that is raised and lowered to allow vehicles in and out. They do not provide a high security barrier. Instead, swing arms are most commonly used for lots that are more concerned with limiting parking and vehicle entrance to approved cars as opposed to providing any type of security or exclusion of non-staff. This is simply because a determined person could drive through the arm or walk beneath the barrier and onto your property.

Security is sometimes increased for swing arm barriers by having a manned booth with a security guard stationed to lift the arm and allow entrance, as opposed to the more common use of entrance codes or cards. A manned booth provides for moderate security.

Option #2: Rolling Gates

Rolling gates are often the preferred option if you need more security but do not want the ongoing expense of paying for a manned security booth with a swing arm system. These gates are sturdy enough so that a vehicle shouldn't be able to push them open. They can also be designed so that they are difficult to climb or squeeze through. Entrance is usually granted by the entering of a key code or use of a key card.

The main drawback is that the gates can be slow to respond, which can give sufficient time for a second vehicle to drive in unauthorized behind an authorized vehicle. This can pose a security risk or even a safety hazard if the gate is meant to keep unauthorized personnel away from dangerous areas.

#3: Bollard systems

Bollards are sturdy posts that actually rise up from the ground after a vehicle has passed. These are specifically used to keep cars out, since they will not block pedestrians. These work well if you have an entrance or road that only certain vehicles should be on or that you don't want blocked with parked cars or traffic. Much like the other systems, these are opened by codes or cards.

Another use for bollards is to increase the security of a rolling gate or swing arm system. Bollards come up and close off an entrance much more quickly than a gate, and they are much more sturdy than a swing arm. Bollards that rise after the gate or arm has closed can effectively keep any cars from following an authorized vehicle into the lot.

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