Experience Future Savings With The Installation Of A New Office Heating System

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Having access to a heating system that works properly is essential when it comes to keeping your customers and employees comfortable. While you might view a new heating system as a burdensome expense, these systems can actually serve as a valuable tool to help you save money over time.

Here are three simple things you can do as you install a new heating system in your commercial space to ensure you experience cost savings in the future.

1. Audit your building's energy efficiency.

If you want to reduce your commercial heating costs in the future, you need to ensure that your new heating system will be able to operate in an energy efficient space. Work with your HVAC contractor to conduct an energy audit.

Check for leaking air ducts, windows that need additional insulation, or lighting that could be producing excessive amounts of heat. Addressing these problems before you install a new heating system will extend the life of your new unit and help to reduce the amount of energy (and money) required to keep your office comfortable.

2. Recalculate your building's heating needs.

One of the easiest ways to experience future savings through the installation of a new heating system is taking the time to ensure you are installing a furnace or boiler that is the right size.

A heating unit that is too large or too small to meet the heating needs of your office could suck up a lot of energy as it works to produce the heated air you demand, resulting in higher utility bills and increased energy usage. Have your HVAC contractor calculate the current heating needs of your building, and use this information as a guide to help you invest in the right heating system.

3. Create a zoned heating system.

When you are having a new heating unit installed, you can easily convert your thermostat system to a zoned heating system. Zoned systems allow you to set different temperatures for different areas within your office building in order to conserve energy.

Reducing the amount of heat being sent to a supply closet, stairwell, or other low-traffic area can help you significantly reduce your future heating costs.

When you are able to recognize some of the ways that a new heating system can save you money, you will be able to view the installation of a new heating system in your office as a valuable investment.Visit http://www.mercurytecinc.com for more information.