Helpful Repair Solutions For Leaking Hydraulic Cylinders

Posted on: 17 December 2021

Hydraulic cylinders are capable of providing a lot of mechanical force, which can aid many operations like lifting heavy materials. If you have these components and they're leaking, these repair solutions will be helpful.

Disassemble the Cylinder

In order to address a cylinder leak with your hydraulic system, you have to figure out which component is leaking. It could be a couple of things like the seals or holding valves. You'll have an easier time making a proper leak assessment if you disassemble the hydraulic cylinder.

That's going to help you review each part of the hydraulic cylinder carefully and then you can assess properties more thoroughly. Make sure you document each component's condition so that you can easily go back through your findings when putting together leak repair solutions. Being thorough like this will ensure the leak is identified and corrected moving forward.

Invest in Better Seals Moving Forward

If the reason your hydraulic cylinders are leaking is because of worn or damaged seals, then you want to do your best choosing better seal products moving forward. Then you won't be stuck dealing with the same problems, whether it's premature wear and tear or shifting that's causing gaps between parts of your cylinders.

Look for seals that are durable and capable of lasting around the cylinder environment that they'll be exposed to. You also need to make sure these quality seals are set up properly on your cylinders so as to keep leaking from being a prominent issue in the future.

Remain Thorough When Monitoring Performance

If you want to get a better handle on hydraulic cylinder leaks over the years, what you can do is pay close attention to the performance of your cylinders. If they start to malfunction, there probably will be clear warning signs that could indicate leaking. 

For instance, if your cylinder is having to work harder than normal, that could be a sign of internal leaking. Or maybe the costs of running said machinery goes up. That could also be a clue that leaking is happening on the inside somewhere. Monitoring these performance characteristics will help you respond to leaks before you're left with a poor-performing hydraulic cylinder.

If you rely on different hydraulic cylinders to generate ample mechanical force, you want to correctly respond to leaking. Then you can keep these cylinders working great over the years and safeguard yourself from the more serious issues that could result from leaking. 

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