Your Water Well: Why the Trouble?

Posted on: 11 July 2018

In rural areas, there are some homes that will still only use the well on their property for water. Eschewing municipal water, these homeowners prefer to rely on personal, older wells for the water in their house. If you've arrived in one of these homes, no differences are immediately felt. You may forget the municipal utility authority isn't monitoring your water--that is, until well problems occur. Without life experience with wells, you may confused about low water flow, tank refill failure, or empty faucets. 

Shallow Well

If a previous owner had been dissatisfied with the well for whatever reason, they may have made a home project of relocating the well. This could have been done in the months before your arrival. For many reasons, over time, the new property well could be compromised or inadequate because it wasn't placed low enough to reliably catch groundwater. The pump may never fill or become submerged, and water can't reach your living spaces.  If this happens, you must entreat professionals to drill a sufficiently deep well elsewhere.


The prior owner's family may not have had many people in it. Therefore, the well worked without issue. Soem companies, like Uni Tech Drilling Company Inc., know that if you've brought multiple children and animals to the property, your large family could be straining the abilities of the property well's pump. Low flow could be a bothersome recurrence until you understand what's occurring and purchase a stronger, higher-powered pump to service the well.

Broken Pump

The sudden cessation of water is disturbing. Indeed, if it's winter, you may think you recognize this and suspect frozen lines or pipes. It's only by direct visualization of a cracked or busted pump that you'll know the true reason. Frozen water strains the machine and the pressure causes breakage. A needed new pump should get installed, but you'll have to monitor it often. It's best to create a warmer environment unlikely to permit freezing. Outdoor heaters may be necessary to employ.

Soil or Plant Interference

Very old wells perform admirably until they can no longer resist growing tree roots or the pressure of soil bearing down. At times, walls will push in and dirt will clog the structure. The well will need cleaning and new walls erected, but a professional may instead find a better well spot at another location.

Your property well problems aren't unique, you just didn't know to expect those possibilities. Well drilling companies have expertise with these structures, contact them for swift resolution of well-related trouble.