3 Reasons Why Metal Recycling Companies Shred Metal

Posted on: 14 August 2018

If you know anything about metal recycling companies, you might be aware of the fact that many of them shred the metal that they buy from people in the area. If you're like many people, you could be wondering why this is the case. These are a few of the multiple reasons why many metal recycling companies shred metal.

1. It Becomes Easier to Separate Different Types of Metal

First of all, as you might already know, metal recycling companies generally separate different types of metal. After all, different types of metal have different values and can be used for different things. Depending on what is being recycled, however, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the different types of metal. In these situations, you might be paid a flat rate for mixed metal. Then, the metal recycling company might shred the item down so that the metal can be separated more easily.

2. Shredded Metal Is Easier to Move and Store

Next, you should know that shredded metal is much easier for metal recycling companies to move around and store. It's lighter than many heavy metal objects, and the person who is operating a forklift or other piece of equipment can pick up only the amount of metal that is needed or that can be handled by the piece of equipment. In many cases, shredding metal makes getting day-to-day things done around the metal recycling company a whole lot easier.

3. Metal That Has Been Shredded Can Easily Be Turned into Something Else

Lastly, you have to think about the fact that metal recycling companies generally use the metal to make something else, or they sell the metal so that another company can turn it into something else. For example, the metal might be melted and made into sheet metal. This can be hard to do when metal items might be of all different shapes and sizes. When it's shredded up, however, it's easier for the metal to melt down and mix together, making it easier to turn the metal into something else.

As you can see, there are actually a few different reasons why metal recycling companies shred metal. If you have some scrap metal that you are looking to get rid of, consider contacting a local scrap metal recycling company. Then, you can sell your scrap metal by weight. Once you do, the company might shred the metal so that it can put it to use for something else afterward.