Four Pieces of Auxiliary Equipment You Need to Install an Industrial Boiler

Posted on: 26 October 2018

When you are installing an industrial boiler or renting an industrial boiler for temporary use, you need auxiliary equipment to make it happen. You can rent this auxiliary equipment along with the boiler if you so choose. If you only want to rent the equipment, but buy the boiler, there is that option as well. Either way, here are the pieces of auxiliary equipment you will need.


You are talking about an industrial boiler here. These things are massive and extremely heavy. There is no way for you or anyone else in the plant to heave-ho this thing into position without a crane. A gantry crane is not going to be enough either. You are going to have to get a boom crane into the plant to help you lift this boiler into position. You will also need plenty of room for the boom arm to reach upward so that it can effectively lift the boiler. If there is not enough room for a boom arm, you might have to approach things from the magnetic direction and use a powerful electromagnet with the crane to get the boiler moved.


If you rent the boiler, it will arrive on a trailer. If the company that rents the boiler to you does not send it on a trailer and tells you that you need to fetch the boiler yourself, then you will need to rent the trailer and fetch the crane before you get the trailer. The boiler remains on the trailer but connected to your plant's system until you have determined that you no longer need the boiler. Then the trailer takes the boiler back, and the trailer itself goes back to its own rental station.

Extensions for Connections 

Boilers require pipes, hoses, and a series of other supplies to connect the boiler to your plant's pipelines. The extensions do not come with the boiler, regardless of whether you buy the boiler or rent it. That said, you can rent the extensions for the connections or you can buy the extensions to make the connections. Then you would have them if and when you ever decided to purchase a boiler. 

Power Generator

An industrial boiler requires a ton of extra power. If your plant does not have the power, you will need an industrial generator. Rent or buy the generator and have it installed with the boiler.

For more information, contact a company that rents and sells boilers and auxiliary equipment, such as Nationwide Boiler.